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Our small team of technicians, admins and programmers provide on-site and off-site support to ensure continued operation of your systems.

Telephone/Remote support
We will talk you through getting your system up and running again. This includes most Linux, UNIX and Windows server operating systems, as well as minor and major Cisco or non-cisco network issues.

Surveys, Audits and Workflow Documentation
Our automated survey and audit systems make it painless to understand how your systems are connected and what they're doing. We also provide network monitoring and remote connectivity solutions.

On-site support
We offer on site training, configuration and systems integration. We don't offer generic support for office applications, commodity operating system or workstation support.

We are not a repair service, but can often restore or recover your data from your server or workstation and return it. We do maintain a network of hardware techs on-call.

Special Support hours
Up to 24x7 support by special arrangement.

Hot-swap and Emergency Spares
We can often supply you with a replacement while your equipment is being repaired or new equipment is being purchased. Backup Servers, Switches, Routers*, Workstations and other systems equipment is available for clients in certain circumstances.


From the shop-floor to management information systems, we can fill in the blanks.

In many cases, you will already have vendors, consultants or staff who can handle most of the work. However, sometimes you'll find a hole or two in the process that needs to be fixed.

Whether it's a vendor with a broken support process, or a sudden case of non-existant technical support, we can help you bring the loose ends together and get it working.

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