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Onsite/Offsite Consulting: Provding tactical and strategic intelligence (analysis of needs, definition of terms, subject matter expertise assembly, etc.) which assists the Functional Management of the company in creating the framework for a fully functional solution.

Product Selection Assistance: Consulting and assistance in the choice of solutions (Acquisition of tools, choice of data- base or operating system, feedback integration, etc.) as well as providing alternatives or second opinions.

Systems Integration: Making sure that all the pieces will work together using open and closed source applications, allowing economical implememtation of data warehouses, data supply processes and enhanced reporting tools.

Design and Development: Emphasizing user feedback so that reliable, clear, and appropriate information is available (reporting tools, simulation tools, reports, etc.) to management, staff and clients/vendors.

Administration Assistance: There's more to a solution than implementation. We understand the underlying technology, and can assist you in keeping the systems operational.




Supplemental Expertise for Consultants and Staff.

In most cases, your company already has an IT Department or an existing relationship with a local consultant or IT firm. In other cases, you may obtain the bulk of your support from a vertical market software vendor.

With Argia, you can maintain your current or existing relationships and resources without introducing any uncertainty or insecurity for your vendors or staff.

We provide you or your people with the short-term, long-term or project-centric assistance they need to accomplish their IT goals. We never function as a replacement for your front line support staff - only as a termporary supplement to their skill set.

We assist your IT department or consultants through difficult periods (or emergency situations) that might otherwise result in unsatisfactory performance.

This can be very useful when your department, vendor, staff or outsourced technical solutions provider needs unexpected assistance or prefers not to undertake a specific project.
We're here to let your people succeed.

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